Zakat Employees


This category is sub-divided into the following: a. Case workers who go into the community to evaluate who is Faqeer, Miskeen, Ghaarim. b. Those who collect the Zakah money c. The accountant of the Zakah money d. The clerical worker or secretary who puts the files in order e. Those who will deliver Zakah to the deserving recipients Sheikh Saalih Aali Sheikh mentioned: "Zakaat workers are those who are in charge of collecting zakaat funds (or zakaat in nature), storing them, recording them, guarding them and distributing them to the eligible recipients". See Al Fiqh al Muyassir page146. These categories of workers are paid by the ruler of the Muslim lands even if they are rich. Also Sheikh Fawzan hafithahullah mentions in his book Al Mulakhas al fiqhee in the chapter of Zakaat page 252 that if the ruler gives these Zakaat Workers a wage on the basis that they are civil servants, it is not permissible for them to take anything from the zakaat money as it is the case currently for some of them in KSA
Note: Regarding this category, Sheikh Al Uthaymeen rahimahullah mentioned in his great work “Majmoo’ al fataawa” (vol18 page 507) that ZAKAAT WORKERS are actually organizations (lijaan) run by the Muslim State to collect the zakaat and to distribute it to eligible recipients. As for the individuals who from their own initiative collect zakaat from the community to distribute it to eligible recipients they are considered as "wukalaa" (plural of wakil)/representants of the community but not as official ZAKAAT WORKERS sent by the Muslim ruler. (See Majmoo’ Fataawa: vol 18/ page 369, p507, p528). If these individuals request a wage for their duty, they must be given a wage from another source of money as it is not permissible to pay them from the zakaat funds. (See Majmoo’ Fataawa: vol 18/page 568).