The reason why we should pay our Zakat in the UK is that the main categories of Zakat recipients are present within our local community. Secondly, most scholars agree that Zakat should be distributed to eligible recipients who belong to the community where Zakat has been levied.

THE "AL FAQIR" category refers to people who can’t provide for themselves, who can’t cover their needs and the needs of their dependents in term of food, drink, clothes and dwelling. In the UK, anyone who is unemployed and forbidden to take employment and who does not have recourse to public funds (NRPF) usually falls into this category. Furthermore, those who are eligible to take employment in the UK but who are not entitled to public funds and genuinely struggle to find work usually fall into this category.
THE "AL MISKIN" category refers to people who for instance, may have a job, a house and a car, but their income is below the minimum requirement. Scholars mention that their earnings cover half of their annual expenses or more but fall below the minimum requirements to cover their total annual expenses. They could be people who receive state benefits but due to the benefit cap or due to rising living costs or due to personal circumstances struggle to make ends meet.
THE SYMPATHIZERS /Muallafatul Quloob are present in the UK:
  • a) Muslim youth
  • b) Reverts
  • c) Muslims whose faith needs to be strengthened
Islamic Ruling with regard to transferring Zakat funds abroad: According to Shafee’is and Hanbalis, to transfer Zakat to another land whilst eligible recipients are present locally is haram (prohibited).

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