Asylum Seekers

In the current geopolitical context, religion, nationality and country of origin have increasingly become intertwined and politicized in relation to asylum.

Through our social groundwork we noticed that UK-based Muslim asylum-seekers find themselves exposed to three intersecting vulnerabilities: firstly, their uncertain legal immigration status; secondly, the language barrier, and lastly, their exclusion from established Muslim communities in the UK.

They often face isolation due to literacy issues, mental health difficulties to overcome the trauma of fleeing impoverished lands or war-torn countries, the separation from their family members, etc...

The issue of asylum seekers’ access to public funds is also politicised by mainstream media and politicians. The reality is often appalling: many of our brothers and sisters live on the margin of London society. Access to legal rights depends on the level of literacy of the asylum seeker, on their ability to understand the legal asylum procedure, and on their “chance” to find a well intentioned solicitor. Many cases get refused due to systemic issues and due to applicants’ poor understanding of UK and European asylum laws.