Sympathisers (Mu'allafatul Quloob)

Those who are given Zakat to soften their hearts are classified in three categories:
  • Those we hope will accept Islam. There must be some indications that the person is contemplating becoming a Muslim such as their inclinations towards Muslims for instance or the fact that they are inquisitive about Islam asking for books or Islamic materials. The hope must be based on clear evidences.
  • Those who are given money so that they refrain from harming the Muslim community in any way.
  • Those who are already Muslims and need to be strengthened in their faith


Those who we hope will increase in their faith by receiving Zakat. This could be a new Muslim (a revert) or a man who has weak eemaan, neglects his prayers, his sadaqa, his zakaat, his hajj, his fast, etc...

The Jumhoor (Hanbali, Shafi’i and Hanafi madhab) agree that the mu’allafatul quloob category still exists until our days and they include those who we hope will become Muslim, those who reverted to Islam and those who we think will be strengthened in their faith by receiving zakat as Allah’s messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) gave Zakat to certain tribes who were new in Islam to strengthen their faith. (Sharh al Mumti’ ‘ala Zaad Al Mustaqni’ vol 6 page 226/229 and see Bidaayatul Mujtahid).


Coming from a non-Muslim sociable lifestyle, where both genders free mix and mingle quite normally, reverts usually struggle on their own as cultural Islam calls to family gatherings as well as gatherings which are based on “same language groups” and does not give a chance to reverts to socialise.

Ramadhan is seen by many reverts as a time to be with others, to share, eat and grow together. If this does not happen, revert brothers and sisters are tested in their faith and whispers from Satan can be disturbing. The lack of friends and their family network being weakened as a result of choosing a Muslim lifestyle can lead to a huge social isolation problem.

If Muslim communities in London do not pay attention to this, they become accountable on the Day when no wealth and no offspring will benefit us.

If reverts struggle financially, the reward of giving your Zakat to them is great:

  • They fall into the Mu’allafatul Quloob
  • They may fall into the Fuqarah or Masakin categories
  • If they are stranded travellers they may also fall into the Ibnus Sabeel category as well.


  1. Access to free Islamic circles to learn their new faith
  2. A supportive network of Muslim friends or a mentor
  3. Knowledge of where to get help (Charities providing free legal advice on divorce, children custody, domestic violence, job search, vocational training opportunities, etc...)
  4. Matrimonial matching services under the supervision of imams who carry out the guardianship for revert sisters.
  5. Shelter for those who become homeless as a result of their conversion.

Can We Give Out Zakat Money To Poor Muslims Who Do Not Pray?

A man who does not pray should be given from the Zakat funds in order to soften his heart. Maybe Allah will guide him as he is from the sympathisers/mu’allafatul quloob. If you give him on the basis that he is from your relatives or for any similar reason this is possible but, you must give him with the intention of softening his heart. However, if this man is known for his anger towards Islam and towards the Muslims, it is not permissible to give out Zakat funds to him and Allah’s refuge is sought.

Shaikh Muqbel Ijaabatus Saa’il ‘ala ahammil masaa’il, Question 43, page 118

Finally, we could also include in this category some of the Muslim youth in the UK which needs guidance by means of da’wa and mentorship. If they fall into poverty due to family breakdowns, the death of one of their parents, early school dropouts or for other reasons, they must be assisted with Zakat funds in a way which is in accordance with Islamic morals and lifestyle.