Report 2015


During the year 2014-15, many individuals and families in crisis reluctantly sought our assistance. Beyond their initial reasons for seeking help lie harrowing stories of neglect, material deprivation, hunger and homelessness. This is the painful reality for many who live on the margins of our society. A more recent addition to our client demographic are the working poor—those in employment but whose low incomes are outstripped by rising living costs, or have simply been beset by misfortune. Demand for our welfare services—particularly emergency food aid—rose steeply since we started our project and has now reached a record level that shows no sign of receding.
In 2015, Subulus Salaam served more people than ever before. As you will read in this report, we are continuously pushing ourselves to deepen the impact and effectiveness of our work. Whilst the year ahead will see us commemorate our 3rd anniversary, it will also bring with it a renewed sense of responsibility to communities across London.


Our ambitious global 2013-16 strategy sets out how we are putting our faith into action to secure the greatest possible positive impact on the people we serve. We are guided by the timeless values and teachings of Islam, with challenging aims designed to facilitate real social change. In addition, we are also fulfilling a set of core promises throughout our work: • Strengthening local capacity: We empower communities to manage their own affairs by raising awareness. • Protecting children: We focus our distribution as much as we can on households with children and ensure that our project alleviates child poverty in London. • Providing Islamic perspectives: We develop distinctive, practical approaches to the key issues that are affecting London Muslim communities.


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