Subulus Salaam could be compared to a newborn baby in 2013 when we started the project. Therefore it was difficult to measure its impact on the local community. Furthermore, the question that we all had in mind at the time was: how do we exactly measure this impact if there was any?

As stated in our mission, we aim at educating and nurturing the Muslim community at a local level here in London regarding the concept of Zakat which is the third pillar of Islam.

Although we were not completely sure that our work had a significant impact on the community and despite the fact that we could not really pinpoint the tools and criteria that should be utilized to measure this impact, we were however able to make genuine observations during our last Ramadhan distribution, which we would like to share with you insha Allah:

  • The joy and delight shared by the volunteers who joined our project were indescribable. The drivers and the helpers who delivered the food packages were very excited at the idea of providing this help to local families in need. They found this experience unique. Some of them were actually very emotional when they witnessed the level of deprivation experienced by some of our brothers and sisters who literally live on our doorstep.
  • The brothers who received these food packages could not stop hugging us and did not know how to thank us. The spontaneous expression of their happiness was also a great emotional time for all of us. We also received some accounts of isolated families who were too moved to speak as they were touched by the kindness and unexpected generosity of their brothers and sisters who thought of them just a few hours before Eid.
  • We were contacted by Muslims who are based outside London and who noticed our presence online.
  • The families and individuals who brought the food packages to the centre and trusted us and our delivery service were also very excited by the idea of tackling poverty on our doorstep. They were impressed by the efficiency and flexibility of our volunteers who are all driven by a great sense of team spirit. We hope that this team spirit will inspire other Muslims in our local community and Muslims across the UK insha Allah. They also filled very encouraging feedback forms this year whilst dropping their Zakatul Fitr.
  • What was also fascinating this year was that some of our brothers who in 2013 used to vehemently argue and deny the existence of poverty in the UK were actually seen in our centre dropping their Zakatul Fitr food packages. May Allah accept it from all of us. Ameen
  • One thing we found really amazing is that some mosques whose committee members were showing nothing but disbelief towards our project in 2013 eventually approached us to be part of this communal manifestation of generosity at a time the Ummah is faced with severe trials and afflictions.
  • Solidarity and Islamic brotherhood were promoted at a time when Muslims could feel more and more alienated due to social and political tensions that are associated with the current chaos and lawlessness prevailing in many Muslim countries.
  • We hope that our Zakat Distribution will inspire other Muslims to set up structured and well-managed charitable projects aiming at tackling poverty in our Muslim community in London and elsewhere in the country insha Allah.